Definition of compliant in English:



  • 1Inclined to agree with others or obey rules, especially to an excessive degree; acquiescent.

    ‘a compliant labor force’
    • ‘Ryan quickly learned the rules: stay silent, be compliant, don't look up, don't look out the window, don't speak unless spoken to.’
    • ‘As soon as the band stops being compliant to what the record label needs them to churn out or start to under-perform they are sacked.’
    • ‘Instead of saying this, however, I nodded like the compliant little girl he wanted me to be.’
    • ‘Perhaps he had expected to find her still a compliant little girl, but he seemed visibly taken aback by her anger.’
    • ‘This is not a complaint about the dancers: they were talented, compliant to the choreography, energetic and committed.’
    • ‘You are logical and compliant but only to a degree.’
    • ‘At issue are those 15 days and whether the media was too compliant and trusting in generally agreeing to government blackout requests.’
    • ‘Once that was done, they were supposed to revert to docile, compliant citizens, content to cooperate with allies no longer supportive of their aspirations.’
    • ‘If humans were generally always compliant to authority then ‘minimise hierarchy’ would present no problem.’
    • ‘Lucia observed that he was compliant to the point of being a pushover.’
    • ‘Structured finance is extraordinarily flexible and, by its very nature, compliant to the wants and needs of the marketplace.’
    • ‘Children are amazingly docile and compliant, obediently following the instructions of their elders as if they know no other way.’
    • ‘As a bonus, the ingrained discipline and level of fitness of a dancer makes them generally compliant to hold poses for longer periods than the average client or model, without discomfort or complaint.’
    • ‘I was compliant to a point in my physical training.’
    • ‘The group is also concerned that excessive medication may be used to to make residents more compliant.’
    • ‘Government employment figures, compliant journalists and even the public might start to believe that the vast profits made by the company are being used for ‘investing in people’.’
    • ‘Were they too docile and too compliant, and did they fail to ask the skeptical questions and raise the objections they should have in the run-up to war?’
    • ‘Has your student gone from predictably polite and compliant to moody and disagreeable?’
    • ‘I did not form the view that he was excessively compliant.’
    • ‘His anxiety proneness seems less pronounced now than it was in 1985, but in spite of this he proved to be abnormally suggestible, compliant and acquiescent.’
    acquiescent, amenable, biddable, tractable, complaisant, accommodating, cooperative, adaptable
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    1. 1.1often compliant with Meeting or in accordance with rules or standards.
      ‘policies compliant with federal legislation and regulations’
      ‘the systems are Y2K compliant’
      • ‘These new devices are fully compliant with previous official standards, so you can integrate them into your 802. 11g or b network without any problems.’
      • ‘As Opera is compliant with current web-design standards, there's no problem with it being able to display the vast majority of pages.’
      • ‘Producers are generally familiar with them and are compliant with the standards set in implementing them in Ireland.’
      • ‘The source said the initiative would not suggest any changes to the measures used to assess whether national budgets were compliant with the rules of the stability pact.’
      • ‘We accept that the consequence of becoming compliant with this standard is that more time must be spent on the way in which we record the outcome of our dealing with the public.’
      • ‘The Food Safety Authority of Ireland is urging food businesses to be 100 per cent compliant with food safety legislation.’
      • ‘A statement released by the council yesterday explained that the water is now fully compliant with bathing water standards.’
      • ‘The FSAI has now stated that this business is fully compliant with all regulations and there was no threat to public health at any time.’
      • ‘Another challenge is keeping track of materials used in all components all the way through the supply chain so that a company can prove the product is compliant to the regulations.’
      • ‘The cars, of course, had been fitted with new exhaust systems, to make them compliant with anti-pollution regulations.’
      • ‘Building software compliant with public standards will enable connectivity and interoperability even of diverse systems.’
      • ‘All products resulting from this agreement will be compliant with ANSI T11 standards.’
      • ‘In addition, be aware that products compliant to the same standard may vary dramatically in performance.’
      • ‘Nations fully compliant with the minimum standards in combating trafficking are graded tier one, while those unwilling and unable to counter the problem are graded tier three.’
      • ‘Tests for dissolved oxygen were carried out at each freshwater site and all nine were compliant with the national standard set for this parameter.’
      • ‘But a survey of chief executives last month found that one in six said their trusts would not be compliant with the new rules by the time they came into effect.’
      • ‘The fuel is kept in specially designed containers compliant with international standards.’
      • ‘All public water supplies in Laois were also fully compliant with the standards for ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, odour, pH and turbidity.’
      • ‘He said 75 disabled bays in the city are now compliant with the technical rules.’
      • ‘For their part, consumers were to be informed, respectful, and compliant with the rules governing the purchase of goods in state and cooperative stores.’
  • 2Medicine Physics
    Having the property of compliance.

    • ‘We found that Crs was highly correlated with birth weight and length, with larger babies having more compliant respiratory systems.’
    • ‘It is possible that a more compliant airway is involved in this effect, but this is impossible to determine without having measured airway pressures.’
    • ‘Tumors are more rigid than normal tissues, and palpation of compliant tissues to look for a rigid tissue mass has been used as a method of cancer detection for some time.’
    • ‘The urinary bladder is an intra-abdominal structure with a compliant wall.’
    • ‘After single-lung transplantation for emphysema, ventilation favors the compliant, native lung.’