Definition of complexity in English:



  • 1The state or quality of being intricate or complicated.

    ‘an issue of great complexity’
    • ‘The Government responded by saying that the committee did not understand the complexity of the issue.’
    • ‘And now protein designers have arrived at the top end of the protein complexity scale.’
    • ‘This sheer complexity continues into the subject matter of each episode.’
    • ‘The ship is on a scale of complexity and size never before equalled in the history of shipping.’
    • ‘Yet, each track shows new layers of complexity and intricacy and opens up new grounds.’
    • ‘I thought maybe irreducible complexity was a problem that biology needed to solve.’
    • ‘Each time interval greatly increases the computational complexity of the problem.’
    • ‘So we see an increasing technical complexity and sophistication, but a decreasing level of serious thought and discussion.’
    • ‘Television piracy is more rare, which reflects the increased complexity of television over radio.’
    • ‘That is, complexity can only be built, bit by simple bit, from simplicity that works.’
    • ‘The issue of cloning has added further complexity to what was already difficult ethical territory.’
    • ‘All these transformations cannot increase the inherent complexity of a language.’
    • ‘Several generator types of increasing complexity are explained in detail and sample implementations are provided and annotated.’
    • ‘Techniques for reducing the computational complexity are therefore of significant interest.’
    • ‘For one, we must appreciate the sheer complexity of the operating system on its own terms.’
    • ‘However, this level of complexity isn't restricted to the political stories.’
    • ‘No other chef has ever come close to the scale, complexity and inventiveness of his creations.’
    • ‘The scale and complexity of the investigation is enormous and presents significant challenges.’
    • ‘We hope they will be characterised by thoughtful engagement with the full complexity of the issue.’
    • ‘If the intention is to involve the player in the intricacies and complexity of politics, it works.’
    complication, problem, difficulty, twist, turn, convolution, entanglement
    intricacy, complicatedness, involvement, convolutedness
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    1. 1.1A factor involved in a complicated process or situation.
      ‘the complexities of family life’
      • ‘Outsiders who get involved in its complexities do so at their own risk.’
      • ‘The book explains the complexities involved in recommending road safety measures.’
      • ‘Hong is concerned with some of the complexities of the relationship between life and art.’
      • ‘Word problems contained in the workbook illustrate the complexities of the fee increases.’
      • ‘Don't let the complexities of the system discourage you from the entire idea.’
      • ‘No technical background is required to understand the complexities of the political issues.’
      • ‘But such a simplistic analysis surely bears no relation to the complexities of the situation.’
      • ‘Sometimes the call will involve more complexities, but they are few and far between.’
      • ‘Would such complexities have slowed down the pace of a film whose point is not to challenge, examine or explain but simply to mock?’
      • ‘What follows is his adventure as he travels to Canada and becomes embroiled in the complexities of the politics of the period.’
      • ‘Beyond that, she knows little of the complexities surrounding globalization.’
      • ‘He was one of the first officers to talk about the complexities of modern military life.’
      • ‘Given the complexities of pharmacology, there is justification for this caveat.’
      • ‘This results in part from our limited understanding of the complexities of channel processes.’
      • ‘Life isn't that simple of course, and it's the complexities of the situation that Hewitt is trying to address.’
      • ‘This presents particular difficulties and complexities where technology is changing.’
      • ‘Instead it tries to balance the complexities to make the process as easy as possible.’
      • ‘That all has to come, and I don't deny that there are complexities in taking these treatments.’
      • ‘Her understanding of the complexities and nuances of families is profound.’
      • ‘I reflect that it is sometimes difficult to understand the complexities of the Western mind.’