Definition of completist in US English:



  • An obsessive, typically indiscriminate, collector or fan of something.

    ‘this compilation of singles and B-sides has it usefulness for completists’
    ‘horror completists may find the film worth a sit-through’
    • ‘It's not a good introduction to one of the most important American guitar bands ever - for that buy Doolittle - and completists presumably have all the singles anyway.’
    • ‘Many bloggers are completists too - information completists.’
    • ‘It's recommended for Astaire and Coppola completists, students of the cultural history of race, fans of the Great American Songbook, and Petula Clark groupies.’
    • ‘This also features some of the material I reference above, and obsessives and completists will want to track it down.’
    • ‘They're real trash, for collectors and completists only.’
    • ‘All this aside, the boxes are quite obviously the work of obsessives, compiled for completists.’
    • ‘But, for me and fellow collector scum, sets like this serve as additions to a completist's collection.’
    • ‘Stephen King completists will want this disc for their collection - for the rest of us, it's at least worth a Friday night rental.’
    • ‘Singles boxes one through three were first issued in 1991 and are now being reissued with volumes four through six to celebrate over 20 years of spendthrift Depeche Mode completists.’
    • ‘But it is a new Pogo book, and Pogo completists have been eager to get their mitts on a copy of what may turn out to be the rarest Pogo item in this country.’
    • ‘As such, this collection is a must only for Herzog completists and fans of short subject documentary (I know you're out there).’
    • ‘It is competently made, but lacks the heart and brains of its predecessors, so I can only recommend it for die-hard Asian horror nuts and completists.’
    • ‘That said, like all weirdo songwriters destined to evolve into cranky, bearded hermits, he has inspired his own legion of obsessive completists.’
    • ‘For completists, the revealing extras include new amateur footage, the highlight being a previously unheard song.’
    • ‘The term ‘trainspotter’ needn't just be applied to drum 'n' bass obsessives or US sitcom completists.’
    • ‘All are for sale on Amazon, at prices ranging zanily from £31.49 to 0.01p, and Cartwright completists will want the lot.’
    • ‘For completists and fanatics, such a label is manna from heaven; for those less impassioned, the key issue is whether a given release adds anything significant to the Glass oeuvre.’
    • ‘Certainly, this is not to be considered an ‘ultimate’ set by television or Tony Orlando completists.’
    • ‘Film noir completists will certainly want to add this to their collection, especially for the budget price, but others are advised to wait until the next entries in the ‘Fox Film Noir’ line.’
    • ‘Admittedly, it would be a stretch to call this release essential, but it would be sad if music this good was confined to the collections of completists.’