Definition of completely in English:



  • Totally; utterly.

    ‘the fire completely destroyed the building’
    [as submodifier] ‘no code can be completely secure’
    • ‘If she meant to say what she did say then it was a completely unjustified charge.’
    • ‘It may well turn out at the end of that that it was completely and utterly untrue.’
    • ‘On top of all that he's willing to try completely new things and rip up the script.’
    • ‘It was about being away with a completely different group in the middle of nowhere.’
    • ‘I got out of the car and noticed that the tyres were completely worn from the sideways skid.’
    • ‘The vehicle came to rest in a ditch where it caught fire and was completely destroyed.’
    • ‘In a completely unrelated issue, what is the best way to treat a large flightless bird?’
    • ‘To be fair to them, by the end of the programme both women are completely transformed.’
    • ‘The amount of time I spent on it was completely ridiculous, as there was no real need.’
    • ‘It is a completely unsatisfactory position and we want to put it right as soon as possible.’
    • ‘On top of that I am also managing a small team whose purpose completely mystifies me.’
    • ‘Is it likely that such a blog is going to give us a completely objective picture?’
    • ‘What struck me, was how completely over the top some of these theatre types can be.’
    • ‘So off we went to the vet, completely expecting Fred to not be coming home with us.’
    • ‘Finally the star came to the tee, eyed up the ball and completely fluffed the shot.’
    • ‘It'll be a fantastic trip and a chance to see a completely different view on art and design.’
    • ‘Comparing across art forms may annoy but it is completely necessary to get a sense of scale.’
    • ‘Even the front passenger seat can be folded completely flat for any extra long loads.’
    • ‘When she broke her arm and was told it would not mend completely, she consulted de Vries.’
    • ‘Of course, my mood will almost certainly have completely changed by the end of the day.’
    totally, entirely, wholly, thoroughly, fully, utterly, absolutely, perfectly, unreservedly, unconditionally, quite, altogether, downright
    in every way, in every respect, in all respects, one hundred per cent, every inch, to the hilt, to the core, all the way
    dead, deadly, totes
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