Definition of complementation in US English:



  • 1The action of complementing something.

    • ‘Sometimes, marriages of politicians are contracted with this regional complementation in mind.’
    1. 1.1Grammar All the clause constituents that are governed by a verb, nominalization, or adjective.
      • ‘This paper describes the outcome of a project to code the complementation patterns of all the verbs in Collins COBUILD English Dictionary.’
      • ‘Does the language student simply have to learn, by rote, which complementation patterns are associated with each verb in the language, or are there general guiding principles which account for the complementation patterns?’
    2. 1.2Genetics The phenomenon by which the effects of two different nonallelic mutations in a gene are partly or entirely canceled out when they occur together.
      • ‘The complete molecular analysis of the mutant, including the complementation of the mutated gene, is currently being completed and will be reported separately.’
      • ‘Mutant m403 appeared to be slightly temperature sensitive for growth, but it proved too leaky to allow cloning of the wild-type gene by complementation.’
      • ‘Currently, we have confirmed a male gametophytic function for four of these genes through genetic complementation and/or the isolation of additional insertion alleles.’
      • ‘Next, we determined which gene was effective in complementation.’
      • ‘All strains were deleted for the endogenous pah1 gene to avoid complementation of transgene loss of function.’