Definition of complementarily in US English:



  • See complementary

    • ‘As James, Gabriel Byrne gives a complementarily moving performance as a lost soul in a dying body, whom we watch superbly enact the painful rites of a redemption as his flesh visibly wastes away.’
    • ‘Second, and somewhat complementarily (though based on an independent set of time budgets), bottom subordinates had lower foraging success when any other dominant was present.’
    • ‘Although conventionally and complementarily trained clinicians and therapists are well qualified and may have many years of experience, they often concentrate on just their area of expertise.’
    • ‘All patients were provided with standard tumor-destructive treatment schedules and complementarily treated with sME or Lentinan during chemotherapy according to treatment protocol.’
    • ‘For this purpose, we employ complementarily the techniques of molecular modeling based on a continuum solvent model and an experimental approach to probe for the HA stability.’