Definition of competitiveness in US English:



  • 1Possession of a strong desire to be more successful than others.

    ‘a lot of people get wrapped up in competitiveness and jealousy’
    • ‘The eagerness and competitiveness seen at all quiz events were evident here too.’
    • ‘Competitiveness has become a personal attribute that, at its best, provides the fuel to drive us to our loftiest goals, but at its worst, can lead astray our better judgment.’
    • ‘It is that we allowed our competitiveness to override our common sense.’
    • ‘This sets the boys into a frenzy of competitiveness carefully concealed behind the private school ethic of nonchalance.’
    • ‘While the American contestants were more serious in their competitiveness, they were wracked with guilt about demonstrating individualistic, competitive qualities.’
    • ‘Sports contests can channel young people's natural competitiveness in character-building directions.’
    • ‘Expecting the players to curb their aggression and competitiveness when trying to win a match is going too far.’
    • ‘They learned competitiveness and the arts of winning and losing.’
    • ‘He is highly respected throughout the cricket association for his skill and competitiveness.’
    • ‘Enthusiasts show little concern for the scars left by the fish's teeth, and it's really their obsessiveness and competitiveness that provide the focus for this documentary.’
  • 2The quality of being as good as or better than others of a comparable nature.

    ‘the competitiveness of the agricultural sector’
    • ‘The new government hopes to improve the competitiveness of its exports.’
    • ‘The top-line aims are to protect humans and wildlife from the threat of chemicals without negatively affecting the competitiveness of the chemical industry.’
    • ‘Restructuring denotes the reorientation of firms into more efficient units, gaining competitiveness and fueling growth.’
    • ‘We seek to maintain and deepen competitiveness, especially by addressing infrastructure deficits.’
    • ‘High-protein soybean varieties may improve competitiveness of livestock producers.’
    • ‘The only and best way to tide over the difficulties is to improve the technological competitiveness of domestic enterprises.’
    • ‘He should exert himself to enhance the competitiveness of the education system despite mounting difficulties.’
    • ‘Continued focus on competitiveness, sustained by more deregulation, is all part of the mix.’
    • ‘The deterioration of trade competitiveness has offset any positive impact that might have been derived from overseas domestic consumption.’
    • ‘Setting up a website will in itself improve your company's competitiveness rating.’
    1. 2.1 The quality of comparing well with rival traders in terms of pricing.
      ‘shoppers are often pleasantly surprised by the competitiveness of the prices’
      • ‘A sharper fall in the dollar would hurt the competitiveness of our exports.’
      • ‘More significant job losses and a decline in living standards could occur, if the decline in cost competitiveness is allowed to persist.’
      • ‘Wouldn't the cost of running the direct-mail operation further undermine the company's price competitiveness in comparison to the retailers' own brands?’
      • ‘It may be expedient to allow the currency to depreciate in order to obtain a rapid improvement in competitiveness.’
      • ‘The strength of the US dollar significantly improved the competitiveness of EU exporters.’
      • ‘Our cost competitiveness in the middle of the chain has been seriously eroded.’
      • ‘In overall terms, the trade data reflect the weakness of external demand and the general loss of cost competitiveness.’
      • ‘Many service organizations have sought to pass on a greater part of the production process to their customers in order to retain price competitiveness.’
      • ‘The falling currency would have rectified the competitiveness of Irish exporters.’
      • ‘There has been an improvement in the price competitiveness of Irish cattle relative to others available on the EU market.’