Definition of compensatory time in English:

compensatory time


  • An arrangement by which eligible employees are entitled to time off in lieu of overtime pay.

    • ‘In lieu of overtime pay, some employers use statutory compensatory time off programs to ‘bank’ extra hours worked during busy times, while paid time off is given during slower times.’
    • ‘Both Senate and House versions of proposed legislation come with sheep's clothing - seemingly innocuous provisions that would allow private sector employers to substitute compensatory time off, or comp time, for overtime pay.’
    • ‘There was plenty of family time and we had a generous compensatory time policy when we did work on weekends.’
    • ‘In 1985 a provision was added permitting state and local employers to give public safety workers up to 480 hours of compensatory time off before they have to pay overtime wages.’
    • ‘Employees can request to make up compensatory time within the work period, take vacation pay or take leave without pay.’
    • ‘Instead of pay, 3.6% receive compensatory time for the time they are called in.’
    • ‘However, he encouraged supervisors to be cooperative in allowing employees to take vacation, leave without pay or compensatory time over spring break.’