Definition of compendium in US English:



  • 1A collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject, especially in a book or other publication.

    • ‘It's a compendium of information for health professionals, patients, parents, or anyone else who might need to know the genetic basis for a rare disease, or where to go for support.’
    • ‘On the surface, it is both an adventure story set upon the high seas and a compendium of information about whales and the whaling industry.’
    • ‘This book is a compendium of information on plants that are, or could be, useful to humans.’
    • ‘And, in addition to offering a huge compendium of product information, we also laboratory tested thousands of products to provide insight as to how they performed and how easy or difficult they were to use or operate.’
    • ‘This book is a compendium of detailed protocols for the identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using molecular techniques.’
    • ‘It is an immense compendium of genealogical information, preserving texts from as far back as the eight century.’
    • ‘My database catalog contains a detailed compendium of cartographic materials and notes to connect the items.’
    • ‘The Supplement contains information on a wide range of government health and income maintenance programs, making it a broad compendium of information in this area.’
    • ‘Finally, extensive bibliographies make this book a valuable compendium of publications for each population.’
    • ‘The compendium contains up-to-date information on the national economy, including gross domestic product, gross national product, employment and population statistics.’
    • ‘While the catalogue is a compendium of information on the artist and her work, it does not devote sufficient attention to one of the most extraordinary aspects of the exhibition.’
    • ‘This compendium of information has added a bibliography, an expanded glossary and new statistics on social developments and economics while the period covered has been brought up to the last general election.’
    • ‘In summary, this handbook might well be very useful as an informative compendium and overall, motivational self-help guide for chronic pain patients who have not been previously exposed to a mind-body model.’
    • ‘The exhibition serves as a compendium of information on a cross-section of engineering colleges in the State.’
    • ‘The book is a compendium of homilies, a McGuffey's Reader for the voter.’
    • ‘The Skeptic's Dictionary is a compendium of detailed information about oft-repeated hoaxes, legends and quackery.’
    • ‘This is a small, pocket-sized paperback about a big subject, an extraordinary compendium of facts, figures, and fascinating detail on the most ordinary of topics.’
    • ‘The Preface of this book is a dense compendium of issues, educated opinions, historical facts, and major questions about the presence and participation of women in war around the world and throughout history.’
    • ‘For decades, scientists have been eager for an intense, focused effort to develop a compendium of information that could serve as a foundation for general brain research.’
    • ‘Overall, I found the book to be an impressive compendium of useful information and resources.’
    collection, compilation, anthology, treasury, digest
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    1. 1.1 A collection of things, especially one systematically gathered.
      ‘the program is a compendium of outtakes from our archives’
      group, collection, series, complete series
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Late 16th century: from Latin, ‘profit, saving’ (literally ‘what is weighed together’), from compendere, from com- ‘together’ + pendere ‘weigh’.