Definition of compassion fatigue in US English:

compassion fatigue


  • Indifference to charitable appeals on behalf of those who are suffering, experienced as a result of the frequency or number of such appeals.

    • ‘This is called compassion fatigue and, dare I say it, boredom.’
    • ‘However, one of the important issues addressed by this book is that of secondary trauma and compassion fatigue that is particularly relevant to mental health professionals who are overexposed to other people's trauma.’
    • ‘However, if a city's reputation for tolerance attracts a large number of beggars, the influx could arouse fears of a diminished quality of life and could increase compassion fatigue.’
    • ‘So you can get this huge outpouring of kind of interest and sympathy, and as Gerald said, it can all collapse and people have compassion fatigue or something like that.’
    • ‘I guess that was always going to fade away at some point - compassion fatigue, and all that.’
    • ‘It just shows that Children in Need is not something people get compassion fatigue about.’
    • ‘Particular attention is given to therapists' vulnerability to compassion fatigue and/or vicarious traumatization, both of which are described and discussed.’
    • ‘I teach a course for health care professionals on burnout, secondary trauma and compassion fatigue.’
    • ‘It's been put to me that Refugee Review Tribunal members are overworked, and on a daily basis, are hearing pretty harrowing stories and they begin to suffer from compassion fatigue.’
    • ‘The lightning speed with which the virus has spread and the number of dead it has left in its wake makes it difficult not to develop compassion fatigue.’
    • ‘Whether it is global catastrophe or death on our doorstep, compassion fatigue can overcome us.’
    • ‘But by this point, many a reader, having long since succumbed to compassion fatigue, will suffer from irony fatigue as well.’
    • ‘The scale of the public response shows compassion fatigue is a myth.’
    • ‘Those who experience symptoms may find it difficult to distinguish compassion fatigue from life stress or depression.’
    • ‘People talk about compassion fatigue, but this proves it isn't true.’
    • ‘This compassion fatigue could offset the perception that the causes of poverty are largely structural.’
    • ‘I almost never rub shoulders with real poverty; it's something I see on the TV, remote, and filtered by what some call compassion fatigue.’
    • ‘A greater number of beggars could attract more attention and is more likely to create compassion fatigue, indirectly leading to greater demand for their regulation.’
    • ‘Their synthesis is thoughtful and worthy of study by anyone with administrative responsibility for helpers vulnerable to secondary PTSD and compassion fatigue.’
    • ‘Will it induce compassion fatigue, making us numb to the violence?’