Definition of companionable in US English:



  • 1(of a person) friendly and sociable.

    ‘a companionable young man’
    • ‘I wasn't far down my first beer when I decided he was probably the most companionable man I'd ever met.’
    • ‘Continuing upward, we passed an old log barn from which we could hear the companionable gurgles and neck bells of sheep, safely shut away behind a door.’
    • ‘Of the entire team, Elvira was the most companionable, genial and impressionable member, always bubbling with enthusiasm and high spirits.’
    • ‘Amy didn't so much laugh as cough, and Father Marino, companionable, did too.’
    • ‘Then, too, Harrison was more of a companionable colleague than a charismatic authority figure who vigorously promoted his ideas and nurtured disciples.’
    • ‘He was companionable to the few who came within his favor but never hesitated to speak his mind, however unpleasant the impression left.’
    • ‘Jim finds him to be ‘a most companionable fellow’.’
    • ‘She is an informative, analytically rigorous, yet always companionable and deeply humane guide through the moral thicket that is early 21st century assisted reproduction.’
    • ‘Second, try to be at least a little companionable while we're stuck here.’
    • ‘He is always a companionable narrator, but he also knows when to let his subjects speak for themselves.’
    • ‘Others find him less than companionable because of these qualities.’
    • ‘But the site of them, unquarreling, almost companionable, prompted me to resume it.’
    • ‘Annoyingly, they have for the most part turned out to be pleasant, companionable, warm, decent folk.’
    • ‘The two evolved from antagonistic opponents to companionable partners, and would play practice rounds all day.’
    • ‘She realized she had lost the companionable Nick and was once again confronted with the strange, quiet, and somewhat frightening, angry Nick.’
    • ‘Literature is filled with companionable, often jesting and jawboning mates, an endless procession of Nicks and Noras and Mr. and Mrs. Bennetts.’
    • ‘He loves me because he believes I am beautiful, and we are generally companionable.’
    • ‘This battle-scared male veteran was missing his right eye and many teeth, had several fresh wounds which had to be treated, and yet was very compliant and companionable.’
    friendly, affable, cordial, genial, congenial, amiable, easy-going, approachable, sympathetic, well disposed, good-natured, neighbourly, hospitable, comradely, easy to get along with
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    1. 1.1 (of a shared situation) relaxed and pleasant.
      ‘they walked in companionable silence’
      • ‘Her mother and father were seated together on the sofa, sharing the evening's newspaper in companionable silence.’
      • ‘It was that nice companionable silence again, and I enjoyed it.’
      • ‘After that remark, the three friends kept to a companionable silence.’
      • ‘They are sharing, in a companionable silence somehow caught on camera, a moment of profound reflection and thought.’
      • ‘The two drank their coffees in companionable silence, both significantly more relaxed than when they came in.’


Early 17th century: alteration of obsolete companiable, influenced by companion.