Definition of compact disc in US English:

compact disc

(also compact disk, CD)


  • A small plastic disc on which music or other digital information is stored, and from which the information can be read using reflected laser light.

    mass noun ‘all the recordings have been reissued on compact disc’
    See also CD-ROM
    • ‘Vendors are seen hawking large consignments of assorted music tapes and compact discs.’
    • ‘In the case of an audio compact disk, the sampling is done 44,100 times a second.’
    • ‘Cory, as usual, ran to the music store to buy compact discs.’
    • ‘With prices of compact discs and digital mass-reproduction equipment falling steeply, international music has suddenly become a lot more affordable.’
    • ‘Your voice is converted to a digital signal, like the sound from an old record when it is recorded on a compact disk.’
    • ‘Digital technologies like audio compact discs permit perfect-quality copies (as opposed to analog taping).’
    • ‘A long time ago, the computer industry decided to settle on a single set of technology standards for recording and rewriting compact discs.’
    • ‘They listen to digital compact discs or digital satellite radio and talk on digital cell phones.’
    • ‘Music companies that produced and distributed both cassettes and compact discs tended to put the blame on royalty payments and operating costs.’
    • ‘Most journalists used the Internet, compact discs and public records in order to extract information.’
    • ‘The changeover in the industry from vinyl analogue recordings to digital compact discs happened remarkably quickly.’
    • ‘It's believed around 1,000 shots were taken by several digital cameras and stored on compact discs.’
    • ‘He says the roar was originally on a 78 record, then transferred on to a cassette tape, then a compact disc and is now stored as a digital computer sound.’
    • ‘Here, sonic blasts from the past are entombed in a hodgepodge of vinyl records, compact discs and reel-to-reel tapes.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago, compact discs started the digital revolution.’
    • ‘A new compact disk featuring some great traditional entertainers was recently launched.’
    • ‘The compact disc may still rule for the next five years but it may not outlast the digital war.’
    • ‘Several of the cassettes and compact discs he'd picked out here were country and classical music ones.’
    • ‘Record companies accuse online file-sharing networks of contributing to falling music sales by letting fans share high quality digital copies made from compact discs.’
    • ‘The floppy disk has several replacements, including writeable compact discs and keychain flash memory devices.’


compact disc

/ˈˌkämpakt ˈdisk//ˈˌkɑmpækt ˈdɪsk/