Definition of community property in US English:

community property


  • Property owned jointly by a married couple.

    • ‘Beginning July 1, married couples can hold title to property as community property with right of survivorship.’
    • ‘If inheritances are separate property but are put into a joint account with one's spouse, does that make the money community property?’
    • ‘Under Texas law, those children inherit the deceased spouse's community property.’
    • ‘The property your husband acquired during those 15 years is community property, and you do own half of it.’
    • ‘The court usually gets involved only when it absolutely has to over matters such as division of community property, alimony payments and custody of children.’
    • ‘Property owned by domestic partners is now shared equally as community property.’
    • ‘And if they break up, a court must dissolve the union and settle disputes about community property.’
    • ‘Can a spouse contemplating divorce start converting community property into separate property?’
    • ‘All of the income each of you has earned during your marriage is community property, and therefore the antiques are community property.’
    • ‘If we get divorced, is my wife entitled to any part of my home as community property?’
    • ‘A few states, following the Spanish law, recognized community property, whereby all property acquired during the marriage is owned by both husband and wife and is divided equally on the dissolution of the marriage.’
    • ‘I think it has more to do with legal distinctions, such as next of kin, inheritance, community property and the like.’
    • ‘According to the files, there will be ‘no community property to divide.’’
    • ‘Of course, if you sign a marital property agreement, you and your spouse can agree to classify these properties as community property or separate property as you wish.’


community property

/kəˈmjunədi ˈprɑpərdi//kəˈmyo͞onədē ˈpräpərdē/