Definition of Common Worship in US English:

Common Worship


  • A book containing the public liturgy of the Church of England, published in 2000 to replace the Alternative Service Book.

    • ‘The ASB language was criticised for being flat and unpoetic so Common Worship has set out to produce language which is richer and using a wider range of Biblical imagery.’
    • ‘Happily, one can use chapters one through four of the book as a historical resource, independently of Riggs's criticism of the Book of Common Worship.’
    • ‘At the Wedding, for instance, the new official book for every parish, Common Worship, makes the priest pray, "Let them be tender with each other's dreams."’
    • ‘I started doing all the weddings by the book, the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship.’
    • ‘Liturgical reforms, in particular the publication of the Alternative Service Book and Common Worship, have placed greater emphasis on the Sunday Eucharist and congregational participation.’
    • ‘So why, if worship is so special, is the new book of services and prayers for the Church of England, called Common Worship?’
    • ‘I do believe that Common Worship offers a breadth and variety which can truly enrich our worship.’
    • ‘Then Morning Prayer and Eucharist in the Cathedral, where I find they have abandoned the Prayer Book order of Matins in favour of Common Worship.’