Definition of common rat in US English:

common rat


  • another term for brown rat
    • ‘The common rat can be found anywhere that offers food and shelter, which can also include drains and sewers.’
    • ‘The Malagasy giant jumping rat, for instance, is at least three times the size of our common rat.’
    • ‘Rats need to drink frequently, and so when a colony of up to 25 common rats set up home in my neighbour's stables, they chose a spot with the nearest accessible water - a butt in a secluded corner of my garden.’
    • ‘Common rats are the main UK rat pest species, spreading across Britain via the shipping traffic from foreign countries in the 18th Century.’
    • ‘Generally, common rats are ground dwelling and burrow in mounds of earth and under dense vegetation.’


common rat

/ˈkɑmən ræt/