Definition of commoditization in US English:


(British commoditisation)


  • See commoditize

    • ‘If customers were all alike, then all we would do to compete as a company would be to try to keep our costs down as low as we can… it would all be about commoditization and operational efficiency.’
    • ‘Blind deregulation leads to the commoditization of education.’
    • ‘The driver that we have is that innovation is the only way out of a strong commoditisation of a business.’
    • ‘Being able to set standards independently of vendor control means a faster path to commoditisation and hence to lower cost alternatives that the whole local market can use, not just the rich.’
    • ‘The nation's biggest electricity marketer in many respects led the energy industry, and America, into deregulation, globalization, and the commoditization of essential products.’