Definition of commodiousness in US English:



  • See commodious

    • ‘The houses are usually log-cabins, of various degrees of comfort and commodiousness.’
    • ‘In battle, in travelling, and on other occasions, this added much to the commodiousness and grace of the costume.’
    • ‘The first European to set eyes on the island, he was sorry to go, ‘leaving the said land with much regret because of its commodiousness and beauty, thinking it was not without some properties of value’.’
    • ‘But the commodiousness of the plain was not the only reason for making the selection.’
    • ‘In particular, there are two whole islands that bear that name; both of which, beside the ruins which they exhibit, are distinguished among the group for their commodiousness, their pleasant appearance, and the productive richness of their soil, no less than for their retired situation.’