Definition of commo in English:



  • Communication, especially as a departmental function in an organization.

    • ‘He kept reloading the radio trying to get secure commo.’
    • ‘‘If we're doing a flight with multiple legs, we switch legs on who flies and who talks or does commo,’ she said.’
    • ‘Normally, some of those problems would have been resolved in a predeployment commo exercise.’
    • ‘As a member of an A-team - responsible for its own communication capability and survival - the commo sergeant takes everything he needs to communicate with a forward observation base.’
    • ‘Some technologies - such as commo and night-vision gear - can make a big difference.’
    • ‘Another method that can help them understand how the unit fights is talking to the communications platoon sergeant or commo chief.’
    • ‘Our sniper team used it from headquarters for better commo and mobility.’
    • ‘And yet those men are the first to tell you that they could not do their jobs without the support of the unsung heroes who man the supply, commo, personnel, psywar, civic-action and flight organizations farther back.’
    • ‘He is a former Army signaleer and is a subject matter expert on commo, radios, and switches.’
    • ‘Single infantry platoons could have provided enough security at these spots and enough commo to prevent the kind of demoralizing events we've seen on TV.’