Definition of committeewoman in US English:



  • (in the US) a female local political party leader.

    • ‘Brister, who has served as a national committeewoman to the National Republican Committee for four years, succeeds Baton Rouge state Rep.’
    • ‘She never wanted to be a state committeewoman, and then they elected her district leader, and she didn't want that either.’
    • ‘In fact, I had only just met Shaffer, 83, a lively former Washington County Democrat committeewoman.’
    • ‘Party leaders recruited a Democratic committeewoman running for City Council to challenge him.’
    • ‘The former committeewoman turned the position into a job as a national conservative pundit.’
    • ‘Like a good committeewoman, she seems to have a gift for avoiding the personalised games around status and dominance that distract so many people of power, and for keeping her mind focused on real problems and possible solutions.’
    • ‘She served on the Clifton Heights Borough Council, representing the Fourth Ward for multiple terms; as a committeewoman on the zoning board; as chairperson of the recreation committee; and on the borough's finance committee.’
    • ‘Hansberry's mother, Nannie Perry, a schoolteacher and, later, ward committeewoman, was from Tennessee.’
    • ‘The battle continues between the leader of the Democratic 1st Ward in South Philly, and the former committeewoman who defected to the Republicans in 2011 to be their nominee for mayor.’
    • ‘In addition to teaching at Washington School, she became a Republican precinct committeewoman at age 20, when the legal voting age was 21.’
    • ‘‘There were some really strong, key families here once,’ says committeewoman Vanessa Brown, 38.’
    • ‘A local Republican committeewoman who came to support Habay, blamed disgruntled employees.’
    • ‘The National Committeewoman from Delaware, was the chief sponsor and author of the resolution.’
    • ‘If Kansas City is selected for an official site visit, the site-selection committee - led by the Republican National Committeewoman for Utah - will visit the region in late May or early June.’
    • ‘Here is a "prominent Pennsylvania Democrat" committee woman who just defected from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party.’
    • ‘She remains the National Committee Woman for the Arkansas Young Republicans.’