Definition of commish in US English:



North American
  • 1

    short for commissioner
    • ‘We'd advise the commish to keep an eye on these games.’
    • ‘The former Pennsylvania boxing commish is now one of our most fearsome lawyers.’
    • ‘I felt like offering condolences, except the commish has already been through worse.’
    • ‘The commish sent an investigator to pick through the bones and one year later, the results came through in the mail.’
    • ‘Apparently someone in the commish's office thought so.’
    • ‘How about a commish who represents owners, players and fans?’
    • ‘What is George's senior communications official doing accompanying the commish to ‘take notes?’’
    • ‘‘There have been some issues raised, expressly the sameness of the offenses,’ the commish says.’
    • ‘‘When I go to games, I'm the only guy in a suit in the whole arena,’ says the boyish 42-year-old commish, a former college wrestler.’
    • ‘So much for the commish's new strict standards on officiating.’
    • ‘The new owners have since turned the team into an American League power and one of the sport's top revenue-generating franchises, justifying the commish's decision.’
    • ‘What better chance will you have to tell the commish exactly what you think of the job he's done?’
    • ‘That disconnect has frustrated the commish in recent years because he absolutely is right when he says the image of the players doesn't come close to matching the character of the men themselves.’
    • ‘Give the commish points for telling it like it was if you want, but now what happens if serious steps aren't taken during the offseason to make changes?’
  • 2

    ‘out of commish’
    short for commission