Definition of commercialize in US English:


(British commercialise)


[with object]
  • Manage or exploit (an organization, activity, etc.) in a way designed to make a profit.

    ‘the museum has been commercialized’
    • ‘Fung said one of the changes to be made will require applicants to prove that their innovations can be commercialised.’
    • ‘They take the science and couple it with their engineers to commercialize the process.’
    • ‘You may find inspiration for your idea from commercialising a labour-saving process that has been around for years.’
    • ‘What it is really good at is developing innovations and commercializing them.’
    • ‘He has suggested putting us in touch with people to commercialize our work, but we are not following this now.’
    • ‘In Japan, where companies have commercialized a solar roofing material, some 70,000 homes now have solar installations.’
    • ‘Negotiations are underway to commercialise the project through a partnership with a leading company in the area of transplantation diagnostics.’
    • ‘After all, this is a country that's notorious for having to commercialise its innovations overseas.’
    • ‘The initiative has been formed to commercialise work to help drug companies create products to combat resistant bacteria.’
    • ‘Put simply, it will mean more competition - for capital, for people and to capture and commercialise innovation.’
    • ‘By working constantly to forge strong links to a number of local industries, it is hoped that the Institute's innovations can be rapidly commercialised.’
    • ‘Our hurdle is finding ways to commercialise our talents.’
    • ‘We are working hard to commercialise this science and will be doing the essential clinical trials until the end of next year.’
    • ‘In 1551, Antwerp's aldermen had begun a campaign to develop and commercialize their city's southeastern quadrant.’
    • ‘‘This task should be commercialized, so that it will develop faster, but for now it depends on government funds,’ he said.’
    • ‘If and when we decide to commercialise this process you will receive a formal written offer.’
    • ‘Encourage them to look more at commercialising the innovation that they have on their campuses.’
    • ‘In other instances, institutions may seek to commercialize materials that faculty produce for regular courses.’
    • ‘The board will be mostly comprised of business people and its aim is to commercialise education and health.’
    • ‘‘But it will be ten years before we can drive down the costs enough to commercialize the material,’ he notes.’
    profit-oriented, money-oriented, commercial, materialistic, mercenary
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