Definition of commercial vehicle in US English:

commercial vehicle


  • A vehicle used for carrying goods or fare-paying passengers.

    • ‘Market traders have received assurances that plans to slap parking charges on a lorry park used for their commercial vehicles will not affect them.’
    • ‘We know there is little regulation of loads carried by commercial vehicles or on the speeds they are driven at within this state.’
    • ‘This law regulates permitted levels of emissions for all commercial vehicles and passenger cars with diesel engines.’
    • ‘Signs at the end of Wood Street show commercial vehicles may pick up and drop off only between 5.30 pm and 10 am, not during most of the working day.’
    • ‘Last year, carmakers sold a total of 483,417 vehicles - both passenger and commercial vehicles and for both local and export markets.’
    • ‘For moving freight, and people travelling with heavy loads or equipment, we need road space for cars and commercial vehicles.’
    • ‘Tough enough to take a few knocks along the way and large enough to carry a hot air balloon, light commercial vehicles such as the this are very useful.’
    • ‘This was a case that was concerned with the validity of a State law that required a licence to carry passengers by commercial vehicle, relevantly from Sydney to Canberra.’
    • ‘The major polluting vehicles are trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles, all using diesel.’
    • ‘The van is specifically aimed at the growing market for commercial vehicles that can carry both loads and a work crew.’
    • ‘Most people in Ghana are taken to hospital by commercial vehicles (including buses and taxis).’
    • ‘I have considered the claim that the fact that coaches and buses carry human cargo distinguishes them in some way from other commercial vehicles.’
    • ‘It already has one of the best car museums but it isn't big enough to display trucks and buses as well as cars and therefore remind visitors it is the world leader in commercial vehicles.’
    • ‘Again, a high percentage of these were heavy goods vehicles and commercial vehicles.’
    • ‘Large volumes of heavy commercial vehicles use the road, including fish lorries which travel to the harbour.’
    • ‘Mr. Howley went on to mention the great difficulties and expense on hauliers and those using commercial vehicles in Ireland.’
    • ‘Trucks and buses were also banned from using the flyover, with commercial vehicles diverted to the roundabout underneath.’
    • ‘Share the road safely with large trucks and commercial vehicles.’


commercial vehicle

/kəˌmərSHəl ˈvēəkəl/