Definition of comm in US English:



  • as modifier ‘a comm link’
    short for communication
    • ‘About five minutes later, Blaine flicked the comm back on, his finger hovering next to another switch.’
    • ‘He glanced at the screen and then did a double-take, hastily opening the comm channel to Air Command.’
    • ‘After several seconds, Lossia's voice came over the comm, her breathing hard and loud.’
    • ‘After lying and breathing heavily for ten seconds or so, Treksay's voice came over the comm channel.’
    • ‘Ziggy sent a message to her comm link, flagged it as urgent, and began to plan.’
    • ‘Marcus double clicked on the comm system to let Jason know he heard him.’
    • ‘He covered one wall and then another when his comm unit crackled again.’
    • ‘Since he didn't want to risk contacting them over the comm, the only way he could think about was to meet them face to face.’
    • ‘He was glad their comm system didn't include automatic visual connections.’
    • ‘The vengeful squadron leader ignored the plea and shouted over the comm.’
    • ‘With the mild clearing of her throat, she tried out the ship-wide comm system.’
    • ‘The room was furnished with a simple desk, a chair and a comm link.’
    • ‘The comm unit popped and the voice of the Regatta master of ceremonies came crystal clear through his headset.’
    • ‘So long in fact, that he did not notice the flashing of the comm link for several seconds.’
    • ‘One man, thin and frail with fine blonde hair, was talking to the comm screen.’
    • ‘The pilot had to come on the comm to order everyone to retake their seats.’
    • ‘The comm squealed as the Captain changed frequencies to tell the other pilots about the shuttles crew.’
    • ‘Static and interference adorned the next comm transmission he received.’
    • ‘She was distracted from her ranting by a staticky voice over the comm informing them they were cleared for liftoff.’
    • ‘McClain hit the comm that connected right to the bridge and the communications center.’