Definition of comforter in US English:



  • 1North American A warm quilt.

    • ‘The other four artifacts are technically comforters rather than true quilts because they are tied rather than quilted.’
    • ‘She closed her heavy eyes as she whimpered under the warm comforter.’
    • ‘Turning off my phone, I dive once more beneath warm comforters and pull them over my head.’
    • ‘Ten minutes later, I was dead to the world yet again, buried deep beneath my warm comforter and cotton sheets.’
    • ‘She must stretch her aching limbs and come out from underneath her warm comforter.’
    • ‘She hugged her pillow and snuggled under the warm comforter, but the sound of running water pried her eyes open again.’
    • ‘She couldn't help but snuggle against the warm comforter, taking in its scent and texture.’
    • ‘Find out everything you need to know about choosing the perfect blankets, pillows, bed linens, comforters, and other bedding here now.’
    • ‘I stretched out, deliciously warm beneath a down comforter and flannel sheets, with my head propped on his chest.’
    • ‘This looks like a blanket or comforter - fuzzy and warm.’
    • ‘Father was in his king-sized bed, propped up with feather pillows, half-buried under quilts and comforters.’
    • ‘Egyptian cottons are used to create bedding of all types from sheets to pillowcases to comforters.’
    • ‘She threw off her covers with much protest as the chilly California winter breeze nipped at her skin and tempted her to crawl back into her warm comforters and sleep the day away.’
    • ‘That means placing baby on his back on a firm, flat mattress and not adding extra mattresses or any soft bedding, such as pillows, quilts or comforters.’
    • ‘And I turned over and pulled my warm comforter over my head.’
    • ‘The warm comforter wrapped itself around his body.’
    • ‘Don't use pillows, comforters, quilts, and other soft or plush items on the bed.’
    • ‘Detailed and tailored to perfect, you can use this as the base to build upon from the multitude of bed dressing such as duvet covers, comforters, pillow shams and so much more.’
    • ‘She returned a minute later with a comforter and a quilt.’
    • ‘She opened her eyes again and found herself on a comfortable bed, covered with a blue quilt and a white comforter.’
  • 2A person or thing that provides consolation.

    • ‘Faith is a great comforter in a time of despair, such as when worrying about one's own death or that of friends or relatives.’
    • ‘Many people, it is true, are morbidly fascinated by deadlocks and stand-offs and cling to them as old friends and comforters.’
    • ‘Credit the heroic firemen, police and rescue workers; praise hospitable friends and comforters.’
    • ‘Besides, I've obviously become the designated comforter in this friendship.’
    • ‘As long as women are willing to play the comforter role, why should our somnolent male character bother to deal with a relationship with a woman who wants to be treated as an equal?’
    • ‘Yesterday, his role was that of a prayer of the faithful reader and a comforter to his distraught mum.’
    • ‘My own will find him to be comforter, equal and friend.’
    • ‘He accepted the offer and became his muse, his comforter, and his constant companion for the next twenty-three years.’
    • ‘It is the American dream, but also the socialist Utopia, the glimmer of hope for the poor, the comforter of the oppressed who yearn for salvation.’
    • ‘The idea of the land as comforter is also expressed in his work.’
    • ‘When afflicted, he scandalizes his comforters by damning the day that he was born.’
    • ‘It was so hard to comfort the comforter; she already knew all the rules.’
    • ‘Whenever she is upset about something, she uses death as a comforter.’
    • ‘Contemporary observers ‘see’ angels regularly, whether as personal guardians, spiritual leaders, healers, or comforters.’
    • ‘These reviews aren't interesting, they're not poking at anything much, they're comforters for the regular readers.’
    • ‘The comforter will ask why the other girl is crying.’
    • ‘And this makes sense, you have to admit, in a moment of grief since Newt is so smooth-tongued and sort of a comforter.’
    • ‘It is easy to see why people describe her as the country's comforter - in-chief.’
    1. 2.1Comforter The Holy Spirit.
      • ‘Yes, He is our Guide, our Comforter, our Strength in time of need.’
      • ‘After the first coming, the Son will send a Comforter to man ‘who shall dwell / His Spirit within them’ and ‘the Law of Faith… upon their hearts shall write ’.’
      • ‘Consider the following statements he makes, the first in regards to who the Comforter is, and the second on Christ being saved from the cross.’
      • ‘Therefore the person of the Holy Spirit has got to be linked to the act of God on the Cross at least to the same extent that the Holy Spirit / Comforter is linked to the presence of God in experience.’
      • ‘For if I go not away the Comforter will not come unto you.’
  • 3dated A woolen scarf.

    • ‘He goes on to give a vivid picture of the field mice lining up to sing with their red worsted comforters around their throats and their feet jigging for warmth; for this description alone the story should be read.’


Late Middle English: from Old French comforteor, from conforter ‘to comfort’ (see comfort).