Definition of comfortably in US English:



  • 1In a physically relaxed way that is free from constraint.

    ‘he lounges comfortably in an armchair’
    • ‘We learn something about life near the border and the dangers that we, sitting comfortably curled up and reading novels, are safe from.’
    • ‘After her surgery, she is recovering both comfortably and uncomfortably.’
    • ‘I am not tall enough both to have my eyes positioned at the top of the screen and for my feet to rest comfortably on the footrest.’
    • ‘The theater would be warmed with fires beforehand to make it comfortably warm.’
    • ‘She's at peace, in no pain and sleeping comfortably.’
    • ‘In order for the arms to recover comfortably without injury over time, the hips must he down when the arms are at the side.’
    • ‘I managed a couple of miles quite comfortably today, which is encouraging.’
    • ‘She sat up in her wheelchair as comfortably as her stout, 94-year-old body would allow.’
    • ‘I struggled to believe it could be possible to get four people inside, with the front passengers able to stretch their legs comfortably.’
    • ‘The goggles are not sitting comfortably in the eye socket.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that is free from stress or tension.
      ‘a group of old friends getting together and chatting comfortably’
      • ‘They have tried their best to get the preparation they need to be able to talk about this comfortably.’
      • ‘It seemed like everyone genuinely was having a fun time, connecting and chatting comfortably.’
      • ‘If you are disenfranchised with your particular religion, online you can be any religion you want comfortably, you can explore things.’
      • ‘The former Harvard librarian and cranky widower of Glass's richly layered novel is settling comfortably into retirement.’
      • ‘The decisions he's made about his life sit comfortably with him.’
      • ‘He had found a persona that he could comfortably inhabit and that would attract customers here and abroad.’
      • ‘I'm not at camp anymore but am comfortably settling in back at home.’
      • ‘It's a nicely adapted version of events, perhaps a little dense with details, but overall it takes the audience comfortably through the motions.’
      • ‘They are now back to working comfortably in tandem with the conservative movement to destroy even the slightest movement toward health-care reform.’
      • ‘He was brought up to fit comfortably into a patriarchal system, but risks ostracism to fight for his abandoned sister's rights.’
    2. 1.2 In a way that is free from financial worry.
      ‘she seems comfortably well-off’
      • ‘Once you know the target amount you will need in order to retire comfortably, your financial advisor will be able to help you work out a plan.’
      • ‘Having lots of pictures of dead presidents matters less when you only need a relative few of them to live comfortably.’
      • ‘The premise is that no matter how hard you work, you will live comfortably.’
      • ‘Those programs aimed at the comfortably affluent are not regarded as a burden, while those for the socially invisible underclass are.’
      • ‘His mother is comfortably off, very proper, very very middle class, house-proud to a T.’
      • ‘Some of the world's top banking groups are rolling out new services for the comfortably wealthy.’
      • ‘I don't live so comfortably in the world.’
      • ‘His prolific and popular writing allowed him to live comfortably in London, Antibes, and Capri.’
      • ‘An emancipated woman from a comfortably well-off milieu, she was the last member of her family to escape their homeland.’
      • ‘During the last 15 years of his life, the artist lived quite comfortably.’
  • 2In a way that gives as much space as is needed or wanted.

    ‘their furnishings fit comfortably inside it’
    • ‘With some bedding rearrangements, it was big enough for four to sleep comfortably.’
    • ‘My sister-in-law saw the forecast and rented a super large tent that we were all able to comfortably gather under.’
    • ‘The Cadillac seats eight comfortably.’
    • ‘He thinks there's probably enough room for two to play comfortably, but not three.’
    • ‘The technology must possess the intrinsic abilities to self-organize, reorganize, and accommodate new data comfortably.’
    • ‘Ultra-fast laser systems that used to be several boxes (including pump, oscillator, and power supplies) now sat comfortably on an optical bench.’
    • ‘They also have some tents, so a large group can be accommodated comfortably.’
    • ‘It sits comfortably on your lap, and if perchance it slips onto the carpet, no harm done.’
    • ‘Many birds feed comfortably on a platform, especially the sparrows, juncos, towhees, and doves.’
    • ‘There was enough room for kids to sit comfortably, but not enough room for adults, so it was the perfect place to go when we didn't want to be bothered.’
    1. 2.1 With a wide margin.
      ‘they went on to win comfortably in the end’
      • ‘Pro wrestling has taken off and vaulted these three networks comfortably ahead of the pack.’
      • ‘They head back to that very base this summer after a year that has comfortably exceeded any aspirations they held before the season's start.’
      • ‘After making the cut comfortably and enjoying dinner on the second night of the tournament, he returned to his room to discover it had been burgled.’
      • ‘Since 1997, they have grown their fee income by 30 percent, year on year, to rank comfortably as the nation's largest legal firm.’
      • ‘They have lost only twice in 17 meetings going back to 1948, and comfortably dealt with them at Wembley in April 1998.’
      • ‘The young Scot comfortably out-pointed his opponent over the next seven rounds.’
      • ‘His series of largely autobiographical books dealing with his life in Italy comfortably eclipses his body of fiction.’
      • ‘He comfortably won the 60-meter hurdles in 7.5 seconds.’
      • ‘The leading bus and coach operator should cruise comfortably to another set of record results on Tuesday.’
      • ‘Their goalscorer is comfortably their best player.’