Definition of comfort zone in English:

comfort zone


  • A place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.

    ‘times when we must act beyond our comfort zones’
    ‘if you stay within your comfort zone, you will never improve’
    • ‘We passed on some early-stage companies whose valuations were beyond our comfort zone.’
    • ‘Everyone is comfortable in their comfort zone and do not usually want to get out of it.’
    • ‘I felt at the start we got dragged down into the comfort zone.’
    • ‘Stepping outside your comfort zone helps you confront your fears and show you that life's full of possibility.’
    • ‘In a day I had traversed miles not only beyond their comfort zone but beyond their empathy zone as well.’
    • ‘Virtually everyone enjoys the feeling they get when leaving their comfort zone results in success.’
    • ‘The musicianship was fine, but perhaps the band members should get out of their comfort zone and experiment with different ideas.’
    • ‘It's a continuing comfort zone of zero change in an ever changing world.’
    • ‘They prefer the comfort zone of playing for their village.’
    • ‘And that's where the naval special warfare finds its comfort zone within the combat zone.’
    • ‘It stirs us to strive for the goal, achieve the target and aspire to something beyond our comfort zone.’
    • ‘That's why I don't think we are in the comfort zone yet - far from it.’
    • ‘This is their personal comfort zone, which you intrude upon at your peril.’
    • ‘You may need to step outside your comfort zone to do it though, but if it's important to you then anything is possible.’
    • ‘But professionally he enjoys pushing himself out of his comfort zone.’
    • ‘You encourage us to go beyond our comfort zone, to take the risk of change for the better, because we are worth it.’
    • ‘Move beyond your comfort zone, find your inner sports enthusiast, and then bring it to me.’
    • ‘A reunion like this simply marks a return to a comfort zone.’
    • ‘Crooks has said he believed that a number of players had reached a comfort zone in the knowledge there were no others available to push for their place.’
    • ‘We must not allow players to get themselves into the comfort zone.’
    • ‘This includes encouraging the students to step outside their comfort zone and prescribes at least one compulsory practical expedition a year.’
    • ‘For a workshy fop who is being forced out of his comfort zone, this can come as something of a shock to the system.’
    • ‘The environmental requirements within the comfort zone differ for each stage of the life cycle.’
    • ‘It brings you out of your comfort zone as a writer.’
    • ‘As we have said before here, his job is safe; he is operating in the same comfort zone as his players.’
    • ‘When we leave our comfort zone for places that might have the equipment we are accustomed to, things quickly can go wrong.’
    • ‘Montgomerie and Tony Jacklin are among those who have complained lately that too many European players operate in a comfort zone.’
    • ‘The idea is that if your speed stays within your comfort zone, you'll be in much better control.’
    • ‘It's quite alright to start within your comfort zone to help you build confidence and get the basics down pat.’
    • ‘Yet the act of traveling by its very definition takes you out of your comfort zone and into unknown territory.’
    • ‘Not that he is complaining at the situation, believing life outside the comfort zone can only be a good thing.’
    • ‘And sometimes its necessary to venture beyond the comfort zone to risk the road less planned and predictable.’
    • ‘The simplest way to go beyond your comfort zone is to learn a new skill.’
    • ‘It feels like there aren't any great options that are within the comfort zone for both of us.’
    • ‘As a member of the congregation, I found myself being asked to re-evaluate the comfort zone in which I live my life.’
    • ‘Finally, my journey has taken me well and truly out of my comfort zone and into unknown territory.’
    • ‘Joining the Navy seemed to be the right way to indulge his curiosity to see places beyond his comfort zone.’
    • ‘When you're in a solid practice mode and repeating shots, hopefully you'll ease your way into a comfort zone.’
    • ‘He would be wise to stay within his comfort zone - as a backbencher and editor.’
    • ‘Reaching beyond the comfort zone can take a lot of coaxing and frustration.’


comfort zone

/ˈkəmfərt zōn//ˈkəmfərt zoʊn/