Definition of comfort blanket in US English:

comfort blanket


  • ‘it was just as well that 16-month-old Madison had her comfort blanket with her yesterday’
    another term for security blanket (sense 1)
    ‘leaving the comfort blanket of a regular salary after 20 years is a bit overwhelming’
    • ‘I've been with the company for thirty seven years, it's my comfort blanket I reckon.’
    • ‘Parents described children regressing in other ways such as going back to using a dummy or a comfort blanket and needing a sleep in the day.’
    • ‘Some parents reduce the size of a comfort blanket or rag by a small piece at a time over several weeks until there is very little left.’
    • ‘Once more, he was plunged into loneliness, as painful as bereavement, but this time without the comfort blanket of political office on which he had grown so dependent to make up for the void in his private life.’
    • ‘Cell phones, computers and tablets are carried around like comfort blankets.’
    • ‘Food isn't my comfort blanket anymore either, although I do have an emergency Curly Wurly in my classroom.’