Definition of comeliness in US English:



humorous, archaic
  • See comely

    • ‘Strength and comeliness are the reasons for mating, not love.’
    • ‘Charmed by the bull's comeliness, Europa and her handmaidens deck him with flowers.’
    • ‘An admirable physique, combined with keen eyes, a firm jaw, and stern countenance made obvious the fact that, though he was no longer in the prime of youth, his comeliness was comparable to that of many of his younger captains.’
    • ‘The notion of beauty is associated with a variety of other words and meanings, including, majesty, glory, honor, loveliness, comeliness, pleasantness, delightfulness, and excellence.’
    • ‘This is when the female population of Scotland emerge chrysalis-like from their usual many layers of clothing to reveal unsuspected heights of comeliness.’