Definition of comedy club in US English:

comedy club


  • A venue where comedians give stand-up performances in front of an audience.

    ‘she'd done a few amateur-night gigs at some local comedy clubs’
    • ‘Calgary has needed another comedy club for a long time.’
    • ‘Call old buds for racquetball, a night at a comedy club, or drinks.’
    • ‘Years ago I dropped into a comedy club in Montgomery, Alabama.’
    • ‘There were comedy clubs throughout the Midwest, and their owners were opening new branches around the country.’
    • ‘Comedy clubs suit comedians with an aggressive style.’
    • ‘The cabaret became a comedy club, then the most influential comedy showcase in the country.’
    • ‘If these guys go to the comedy clubs downtown, they don't enjoy themselves.’
    • ‘Instead of watching a tear-jerking drama or reading a suspenseful murder mystery, go to a comedy club, rent one of your favorite funny movies, or read a lighthearted novel.’
    • ‘Though many of the live theatre shows aren't open after midnight, the comedy clubs are; you can catch some of the best in downtown London.’
    • ‘Deciding upon a career as a writer, he returned to London in 1980 and checked out the talent appearing at the new comedy clubs in the capital.’
    • ‘Are you giving up the comedy clubs entirely?’
    • ‘I set up a fake comedy club in the basement of my house in Toronto.’
    • ‘She created a children's comedy club to give children in poor, drug-ridden areas a chance to express their creative sides.’
    • ‘You can show your date that you at least appreciate humor by taking her to a comedy club.’
    • ‘I created and ran two successful comedy clubs giving my mates and myself stage time and creating a little comedy bubble of my own.’
    • ‘He has performed at comedy clubs and concerts across the United States and in Australia.’
    • ‘He set out for Hollywood at 16 and landed standup gigs at famed comedy clubs the Improv, the Laugh Factory, and the Comedy Store.’
    • ‘One of the clubs in Cambridge was half Chinese restaurant, half comedy club.’
    • ‘I love to go to comedy clubs and watch the comedians.’
    • ‘Ron spends any spare time he has performing at comedy clubs from coast to coast, spreading his special brand of off-color glee.’