Definition of come up smiling in US English:

come up smiling


  • Recover from adversity and cheerfully face what is to come.

    • ‘Above all, they faced life squarely, had the courage and comic gift to investigate the contradictoriness of human nature and come up smiling at what they saw - and, so, make us smile too.’
    • ‘This city has taught me to persevere and shine and to overcome the toughest of hurdles and still come up smiling.’
    • ‘Overall the film painted a picture of Ireland in the 1930s in which impoverished farmers struggled gamely in difficult conditions but always came up smiling.’
    • ‘He learned quickly, worked harder than almost everyone else and came up smiling every time.’
    • ‘You take your tumbles with good grace and always come up smiling.’
    • ‘The front man has the face of someone who has been to Hell and back, and come up smiling - the sort of face you'll only find in rock and roll bands.’
    • ‘The sign of a great ride is when you peel yourself off a mud splattered stump after a 30 mph endo and come up smiling.’
    • ‘It seemed to me that however bad things got, he came up smiling.’
    • ‘His ability to drink from what was seen as a poisoned chalice and come up smiling will stand to him in the challenges that lie ahead.’
    • ‘He's a working class lad, he's very bright, he makes you smile when you meet him because of his cheek and his ability to come up smiling whatever life throws at him.’