Definition of come up (or go down) in the world in US English:

come up (or go down) in the world


  • Rise (or drop) in status, especially by becoming richer (or poorer).

    • ‘This neighborhood is going through a transition, and it is coming up in the world, and that fire station will only add to the quality of life for the community.’
    • ‘He's come up in the world considerably since then.’
    • ‘He has had to sell his flat in Mayfair because of his bankruptcy, ‘but he has a new flat in Mayfair for his wife and daughter so he's hardly gone down in the world.’’
    • ‘Everybody knows that perfectly good teaching institutions can come to neglect the undergraduates and grind up the idealism of young academics because the faculty, or deans, or provosts want to come up in the world.’
    • ‘Some personal names have undoubtedly gone down in the world.’
    • ‘Lincoln is a city that's come up in the world since last I gave it close inspection, in my RAF days forty years ago.’
    • ‘‘You've come up in the world Ms. Johnson,’ he said, not hiding his antagonism.’
    • ‘I thought for sure we'd seen the last of you all those years ago… My, you've come up in the world!’
    • ‘Now it is coming up in the world and is a charming bohemian quarter.’
    • ‘His mother said the Pilgrims were coming up in the world.’