Definition of come to someone's assistance in US English:

come to someone's assistance


  • Act to help someone.

    • ‘If a bus driver had not come to my assistance, it could have been worse.’
    • ‘She kept his head above water and shouted for someone to come to her assistance.’
    • ‘After so long, it is really encouraging to see so many people coming to my assistance.’
    • ‘However, several sponsors came to their assistance.’
    • ‘Thank you, I hope you understand our predicament and come to our assistance.’
    • ‘Passing gardaí spotted the duo in distress and stopped the squad car to come to their assistance.’
    • ‘My friends told me that firefighters would only come to your assistance after a price is negotiated.’
    • ‘We are desperate for someone in authority to come to our assistance.’
    • ‘She said the ride was stopped but no one came to their assistance.’
    • ‘They have contacted many business people in the meantime, which they hope will come to their assistance.’