Definition of come to no harm in US English:

come to no harm


  • Be unhurt or undamaged.

    • ‘I had promised Manuel's mother that he would come to no harm.’
    • ‘I swear to you that as long as I live, he will come to no harm.’
    • ‘I am here to see that my friends come to no harm.’
    • ‘We take extreme effort and care to make our products and want to do all we can to ensure that people come to no harm while enjoying them.’
    • ‘The wedding cake, a large profiterole concoction, was flown to Inverness from Paris with top French patissier Eric Lanlard carrying it with him in the cabin to make sure it came to no harm.’
    • ‘Terms and conditions of filming are some of the most stringent in the region but several pre-production meetings are held to ensure the hall comes to no harm.’
    • ‘Millions of women have benefited greatly from hormone replacement therapy and come to no harm.’
    • ‘She thought that he looked about seven years old, and it was obvious that while his pride was hurt, physically he had come to no harm.’
    • ‘I've already warned you that while she's here she's to come to no harm.’
    • ‘Even though they had assured him he would come to no harm, Special Branch had warned him last week that his name was on a death list.’