Definition of come to (or meet) a sticky (or bad) end in US English:

come to (or meet) a sticky (or bad) end


  • Be led by one's own actions to ruin or an unpleasant death.

    ‘behave yourself or you will come to a sticky end!’
    • ‘Many others who, in classical times, hungered after gold came to a sticky end.’
    • ‘Apparently in the 33 years they have been parachuting at Cark, only three skydivers have met a sticky end and all were pros doing tricky jumps.’
    • ‘He's gonna come to a sticky end if he keeps this up.’
    • ‘One police source said: ‘If they start criminal activities I think they'll come to a sticky end.’’
    • ‘And he doesn't mind playing the ‘bad guy’ who eventually meets a sticky end.’
    • ‘It was a promising start but the initiative came to a sticky end.’
    • ‘It wasn't a surprise for Dance to play a character who comes to a sticky end.’
    • ‘And all cowards come to a sticky end, sweetheart, whether you like it or not.’
    • ‘Historically, imperialism always comes to a sticky end, thank God.’
    • ‘History is littered with many an aimless younger sibling who has come to a sticky end through no fault other than the fact that he was the second born.’