Definition of come out with in US English:

come out with

phrasal verb

  • Say (something) in a sudden, rude, or incautious way.

    • ‘Having only spoken on the issue on Friday, I wondered what new information he was going to come out with.’
    • ‘He was already embarrassed enough coming out with all that cheesy stuff.’
    • ‘Few people would be able to get away with some of the cracks he came out with!’
    • ‘There we were, on the steps of the state library, sunning ourselves, and he came out with that.’
    • ‘It was the way he came out with all these things while keeping a perfectly deadpan face that got her.’
    • ‘It doesn't last long but it's marvellous the things he comes out with.’
    • ‘He came out with so many good lines and injected much needed humour into it.’
    • ‘You always wondered what inappropriate remark he might come out with, and what would be her state of health.’
    • ‘But miss her I do, for all the weird things she comes out with in her Scottish accent.’
    • ‘She makes me laugh with the things she comes out with.’
    utter, say, speak, let out, blurt out, burst out with
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