Definition of come one's way in US English:

come one's way


  • Happen or become available to one.

    ‘he did whatever jobs came his way’
    • ‘We will have to deal with whatever comes our way.’
    • ‘I think he is guilty, as the pictures show, of throwing more than one punch and he has to accept whatever punishment comes his way.’
    • ‘We are given pain relief in our society for whatever ailment comes our way.’
    • ‘Only once you're in and established does it get easier as jobs start coming your way.’
    • ‘He can give you hope and the strength to endure whatever hard times come your way.’
    • ‘I want to be in a position to withstand whatever challenge might come my way.’
    • ‘Then, you can get through whatever comes your way, whatever happens.’
    • ‘I think it is important to grab whatever work is coming my way.’
    • ‘They should be really well prepared for whatever comes their way after I leave.’
    • ‘We accept any job that comes our way not realising how efficient we are at it.’
    • ‘What I want for my children is for them to be resilient, to be able to cope with whatever comes their way.’
    • ‘I appreciate this might be against the rules of blogging and am prepared to take whatever punishment comes my way.’