Definition of come on to in US English:

come on to

phrasal verb

  • Make sexual advances toward.

    • ‘The three of us worked together and I was worried that I wouldn't survive working with him because it would hurt too much to see him come on to her.’
    • ‘On top of that, she showed up at my house drunk and came on to me in front of my parents.’
    • ‘They really came on to me, with intense bedroom eyes and all that kind of stuff.’
    • ‘One woman did come on to me when I was 19 or 21, when I was at the end of drama school.’
    • ‘‘She seems to always be coming on to me, and it's really starting to get awkward,’ he said as he sat down on the counter.’
    • ‘He came on to me, and before I knew what was happening, we were in the sack.’
    • ‘They read poetry and talked until four in the morning, but she didn't think he was interested, because he wasn't coming on to her.’
    • ‘She basically said he was coming on to her when he knew she was my girl.’
    • ‘There is a lady at work who is constantly coming on to me.’
    • ‘Even more, I don't want to come on to her and end up making work a difficult place for her to be.’
    court, woo, pursue, run after, seek the company of, make advances to, make up to, flirt with, romance
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