Definition of come into its (or one's) own in US English:

come into its (or one's) own


  • Become fully effective, used, or recognized.

    ‘Mexico will come into its own as a vacation spot’
    • ‘He is coming into his own now after being with the club for the last three or four years.’
    • ‘It also shows a band coming into their own in the studio.’
    • ‘Flora fully came into her own after she was invited to join the Red Cross as a nurse and travel to Serbia in the First World War.’
    • ‘It's about a girl coming into her own and becoming a woman.’
    • ‘This is a confident songwriter coming into her own.’
    • ‘The last few years of his life he was coming into his own as an artist, creating some amazing art pieces and gallery shows.’
    • ‘He more fully came into his own in the '60s as the work of younger artists created a new climate for radical abstraction.’
    • ‘On the other hand, their carnival costumes offered increasing evidence that St Lucia's designers are finally coming into their own.’
    • ‘Twentysomethings were defining their buying habits, coming into their own politically and were underserved creatively on television.’
    • ‘Remember when VCRs were just coming into their own?’