Definition of come clean in English:

come clean


  • Be completely honest; keep nothing hidden.

    ‘the company has refused to come clean about its pollution record’
    • ‘If the department wants transformation targets met, then they must be honest and come clean about this.’
    • ‘Referring to her police interviews after her arrest, he told the jurors: ‘It is now apparent she was very far from coming clean in those interviews.’’
    • ‘The highways authorities must come clean and tell all road users what is wrong, and what they are doing to put it right.’
    • ‘Even he finally comes clean with an honest assessment of his shipmates and it's not complimentary.’
    • ‘And I figured the only way to get him to come clean would be if I came clean first.’
    • ‘One cannot help but be impressed by this seasoned politician's adeptness at the art of coming clean without coming clean.’
    • ‘They have no interest, my friends, in coming clean and being honest with the American people.’
    • ‘She said he refused to come clean to the police, saying it would cost him his job.’
    • ‘When is somebody going to come clean and reveal the real hidden agenda?’
    • ‘The question is, will it be done responsibly, by coming clean about the hidden liabilities now and taking the necessary, if painful, steps to deal with them?’
    tell the truth, be completely honest, tell all, make a clean breast of it
    confess, own up, admit guilt, admit to one's actions, admit to one's crimes, admit to one's sins, accept blame, accept responsibility, plead guilty
    get something off one's chest, fess up
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