Definition of come between in US English:

come between

phrasal verb

  • Interfere with or disturb the relationship of (two people)

    ‘I let my stupid pride come between us’
    • ‘A couple in a relationship can expect any number of barriers to come between them.’
    • ‘Almost nothing comes between me and my cricket.’
    • ‘It is a sentimentally realistic account of a woman's coming between a man and his life-work.’
    • ‘Nothing must be allowed to interfere with this work - nothing must come between them and their giving themselves utterly to it.’
    • ‘Tragically it's beyond them to understand the instinct that will make even a domestic hen attack anyone coming between her and her chicks.’
    • ‘We talked about the usual things, but there was something coming between us.’
    • ‘All this time the ex was aware of the connection we had made and was intent on coming between us.’
    • ‘It is always stressful when something comes between you and the person you love.’
    • ‘This film is all about ego clashes that couples usually have and how pride often comes between two people.’
    • ‘This relationship was unrealistic, and doomed from the outset, came between Wilde and his art, and became his ruination.’
    alienate, estrange, separate, divide, split up, break up, disunite, disaffect, pit against one another, set against one another, cause disagreement between, sow dissension between, set at odds, set at variance
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