Definition of come back in US English:

come back

phrasal verb

  • 1(in sports) recover from a deficit.

    ‘the Mets came back from a 3–0 deficit’
    • ‘It was an incredible turn of events to concede a goal after a couple of minutes and then come back in that way.’
    • ‘We lost our way last Saturday and allowed Kendal to come back from a goal down to beat us.’
    • ‘However, Coventry came back with a try from their centre.’
  • 2Reply or respond to someone, especially vigorously.

    ‘he came back at Judy with a vengeance’
    • ‘There can have been little cheer as he came back at them like a pack of Jack Russells.’
    • ‘We took control early on but they came back at us, and we could have let them.’
    • ‘Park came back at Albion and took the lead through a well taken converted try.’
    • ‘Chelsea had a good period early in the second half, but we weathered that and came back at them.’
    answer, respond
    respond, answer, say in response, rejoin, return
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