Definition of come across in US English:

come across

phrasal verb

  • 1Meet or find by chance.

    ‘I came across these old photos recently’
    • ‘So the courtiers arranged for the emperor to take a walk in his park, where he ‘chanced’ to come upon a ‘wandering’ giraffe.’
    • ‘Does it not mean making preparation to meet the things that come upon us?’
    • ‘By chance they come upon her in her hide-out.’
    • ‘I do need to know what things look like in the rare chance that I ever come upon them.’
    • ‘It might be that you know from the literature that there are specific employers or companies attending that you want to meet with, or you might just come upon them by chance as you wander around.’
    • ‘I came upon your website by chance and am quite impressed by the content and quality of your coverage.’
    • ‘The building itself was largely destroyed, but by chance I had come upon the entry way into the subway line on my first tour through the city.’
    • ‘Police, calling at a house to trace a former occupant, by chance came upon a case of extreme hardship.’
    • ‘There's also a chance of coming upon a riotous migration party - bands of warblers passing through.’
    • ‘He came upon the channel by chance when he noticed that there was a call-in taking place.’
  • 2informal Hand over or provide what is wanted.

    ‘she has come across with some details’
    • ‘So if they thought she'd come across with some blockbuster testimony, they'd put her up there.’
    • ‘Whether we come across with little or much, the mere gesture can be a spiritually lightening experience.’
    hand over, give, deliver, produce, part with, pay up
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    1. 2.1 (of a woman) agree to have sexual intercourse with a man.
      • ‘I had a date at eight with Holly, but she wasn't ready to come across yet.’