Definition of come about in US English:

come about

phrasal verb

  • 1Happen; take place.

    ‘the relative speed with which emancipation came about’
    • ‘This fallacy came about because of English painters during the Victorian era.’
    • ‘He, however, sees regime change coming about through somewhat more direct means.’
    • ‘This additional post came about due to the refitting of the Lincoln store.’
    • ‘Yet belief also comes about through direct experience.’
    • ‘This came about as the direct result of a fatality that happened here in the early 80s.’
    • ‘The interest in marine biology came about when he was in college working in the steel mills.’
    • ‘Most of these shipwrecks came about by collision, by storm, or by bad navigation.’
    • ‘But what are the odds of life coming about by sheer chance?’
    • ‘The delay came about because the tunnel had come up short of a screen of trees, slowing the flow of escaping airmen.’
    • ‘The amendment, which extends the recall statute to 10 years, comes about in response to a Congressional proposal.’
    happen, occur, take place, transpire, fall, present itself, crop up, materialize, arise, arrive, appear, surface, ensue, follow
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  • 2(of a ship) change direction.

    • ‘Lisan just sat there in her floating command chair, her focus was not upon the exploding ships but at the war cruisers that were slowly coming about and from the looks of it, they weren't planning on a retreat any time soon.’
    • ‘Five days more they sailed, eventually coming about to face northwest.’
    • ‘Starboard oars pushing and port oars pulling, she came about rapidly and chased after the Isis.’
    • ‘I came about and headed for home but my little boat didn't beat into the wind very well.’
    • ‘As the Lexington heeled over and started to come about and face the tanker fleet.’
    • ‘The command ship, designated as the Chasing Death, drove forward into the nearest enemy destroyers, who were coming about to meet them, along with the heavy cruiser.’
    • ‘As we came about, I heard a grinding noise and watched the mast lean over and fall into the water.’
    • ‘Signaling with one long shrill of his whistle followed by one short blast, he waits for an echo from the harbormaster, then comes about and eases his boat against the wharf of a two-story shed.’
    change course, change direction, change heading
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