Definition of combfish in US English:



  • A fish of the northeastern Pacific, with small rough scales and long spines in the comblike dorsal fin.

    Family Zaniolepididae and genus Zaniolepis: several species

    • ‘Within this area fish life is impressive with several species more commonly seen further north: sharp nosed pufferfish, crimson cleaners, combfish and bluefish to name a few.’
    • ‘Dozens of demoiselles hovered, waiting for the combfish to remove their parasites while the goatfish below seemed oblivious to the free grooming services available.’
    • ‘There are only two species of combfish, one of which occurs in our region.’
    • ‘An abundance of jewellery made of fine seeds and shells, pandanus weavings, painted turtle shells and combfish bones also fill the gallery.’
    • ‘Yellowtail, seapike, silver sweep, pomfret, nannygais, bullseyes, dozens of moon wrasse, blue gropers and combfish follow you on your dive as you swim around this amazing site.’