Definition of comber in English:



  • 1A long curling sea wave.

    • ‘Then a heavy comber shook my plane violently, tossing me from the cockpit into the water.’
    • ‘I was caught in a comber of snow - a maelstrom like the break of a tsunami.’
    wave, breaker, roller, comber, billow
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  • 2A person or machine that separates and straightens the fibers of cotton or wool.

    • ‘What I never knew until now is that February 3, the day after Candlemas, is the Feast of St Blaise, the patron saint of wool combers.’
    • ‘The majority of combers, spinners, cob winders, spoolers, beamers, weavers, menders, and other workers (about three hundred in all) were female.’