Definition of columbium in US English:



  • old-fashioned term for niobium
    • ‘The gas tungsten arc welding process is used for the pure columbium and for the lower strength commercial alloys.’
    • ‘Coltan is a contraction of columbium and tantalum; it's found in 3 billion year old mud and without it much of our modern technology could not be made.’
    • ‘To eliminate the intergranular corrosion, it is necessary either to reduce carbon to very low levels, or to add titanium and columbium to tie up the carbon and nitrogen.’
    • ‘In steel alloyed with molybdenum, manganese and columbium, which is use for these pipe-lines, molybdenum raises both strength and toughness.’
    • ‘Most alloying elements, such as chromium, columbium, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, tantalum, and vanadium stabilize the phase to the extent that a mixed - phase or an entirely phase alloy can persist down to room temperature.’


Early 19th century: modern Latin, from Columbia, a poetic name for America from the name of Christopher Columbus (see Columbus, Christopher).