Definition of colposcope in US English:



  • A surgical instrument used to examine the vagina and the cervix of the uterus.

    • ‘Examination of the labia, vagina and cervix is greatly enhanced with the use of a colposcope.’
    • ‘Colposcopy involves an out-patient visit to a hospital, where a gynaecologist (doctor specialising in the female reproductive system) examines the cervix closely through a binocular microscope called a colposcope.’
    • ‘Magnification devices, such as a colposcope, allow the clinician to observe small lesions that may not otherwise be readily identified.’
    • ‘A light is shone on the cervix and the doctor looks through the colposcope (which stays outside the body) to check for any suspicious cells.’
    • ‘A video of an examination taken using a colposcope can often be more informative than still photographs.’


1940s: from Greek kolpos ‘womb’ + -scope.