Definition of colorpoint in US English:


(also colourpoint)


  • A cat of a long-haired breed having a pale coat with dark points, and blue eyes, developed by crossing Persian and Siamese cats; a Himalayan.

    • ‘This process was accelerated, one suspects, by the introduction of colorpoint longhairs to Birman breeding programs.’
    • ‘Mitted cats, which can be blue, chocolate, lilac or seal, are colorpoint cats with a broken or evenly matched white blaze on the nose and/or between the eyes.’
    • ‘Subsequently, they were asked to write a breed standard for the Himalayan, a name the colorpoint longhair had acquired somewhere in transition between England and Canada.’
    • ‘These outcrosses were chosen to produce as many colors and patterns as possible, including the colorpoint pattern of the Siamese.’
    • ‘Another Siamese-related breed, the colorpoint shorthair, was also gaining recognition throughout the late '60s and early '70s.’