Definition of colorization in US English:


(British colourisation, colourization)


  • See colorize

    • ‘Here again there is a parallel with colorization, which was touted as the only way to get people to watch certain old movies and TV shows.’
    • ‘But if the folks who take cinema seriously were so willing to agitate against colorization, where are they now?’
    • ‘The colorization argument is ludicrous - colorization is the wholesale changing of a movie without the consent of its director.’
    • ‘The colorized version also has the same dirt speckles, and I was impressed with the colorization (with the exceptions noted earlier).’
    • ‘Just a few years ago, all the screaming was about colorization and how it was destroying the work of film masters.’
    • ‘Purists will want to opt for the original black and white set, because as far as colorization has come, it still looks too pastel and unrealistic.’
    • ‘Some years ago, movie directors and critics complained about the colorization of old black and white film classics undertaken by Ted Turner's company.’