Definition of color guard in US English:

color guard


  • A uniformed group, especially of soldiers, police officers, or school representatives, who parade or present their institution's flag (and sometimes their national flag) on ceremonial occasions.

    • ‘At pow-wows, one of the basic Indian social functions, the Stars and Stripes are nearly always presented by a color guard, and adult Indians sport their service medals.’
    • ‘Task force members coordinated all military ceremonial support of the inaugural events, including music, marching bands, color guards, ushers, firing details and salute batteries.’
    • ‘When the color guard retires, it leads a parade from the church, past the oval green, onto Route 30 where a state trooper stops traffic for the duration.’
    • ‘As he prepares to do a song to close things out for us, the police color guard will be coming in behind him.’
    • ‘The color guard turned out as the medals of the dead were pinned on their mothers' blouses.’
    • ‘A color guard composed of United Staies Air Force airmen posted the colors.’
    • ‘Outside after the service, there was a color guard and a 21-gun salute and a horrible, heartbreaking ritual where a Marine commander begins taking roll call.’
    • ‘Two members of the color guard fold the American flag and present it to a family member.’
    • ‘As the article mentions, white gloves were de rigueur for parades and ceremonies, especially if you were part of the color guard.’
    • ‘The procession included Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard color guards as well as bands from the fire department and the U.S. Third Naval District.’
    • ‘On stage, the New York Port Authority color guard gathers for a rehearsal.’
    • ‘We came out of the VIP room and the casket was there, surrounded by a color guard, draped in an Israeli flag.’
    • ‘The Jewish community's company became Company C and was designated as the color guard company of the regiment.’
    • ‘His eyes filled with tears as a color guard strolled through the center field gate.’
    • ‘Including the color guard, there were 123 people in the band.’
    • ‘The National Anthem plays over the sound system, and the color guard marches onto the stage.’
    • ‘Naturally, there would be a grand entrance, including a color guard of horses and riders carrying flags.’
    • ‘Cadets as young as 11 wear uniforms, learn about military history and citizenship, listen to lectures about preventing drug abuse, and perform in a color guard.’
    • ‘This is the way dead heroes are supposed to come home, their coffins draped with the American flag, greeted by a color guard.’
    • ‘The meetings in every state capital and the District of Columbia were swarming with reporters and cameras, students, color guards and visitors in costume.’


color guard